Another great initiative to make you think

Dear Max

Just like manners and good behaviour, I think that road safety and responsible driving starts at home and with oneself.

I’ve just signed up at, and committed to responsible, drunk-free and safe driving. I wish it could change everyone, but if it can change handfuls, and cause people to sign, commit and think their behaviour through next time, then that is valuable.


Amazeballs Ben 10 hamper looking for a home… win here!

To celebrate the launch of new game show Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge on Cartoon Network, I’m giving away a Ben 10 hamper that, if I were a boy, would adore. The hype around Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge, is that not is it a cool show, but it’s the first to be produced independently of the franchise, but is still inspired by the three animation series – Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

The game-show format will see kids tasked with Ben 10 general knowledge rounds, as well as physical and mental agility tests and an assault course. The show is on Fridays at 5.55pm, with repeats on Saturday at 11.35am and Wednesday at 6am.

So, just in time for Christmas, comes this cool prize of a Ben 10 hamper, which includes:
Ben 10 Alien Swarm Omnitrix Projector
Ben 10 Projector Pen
Ben 10 Yo-yo
Ben 10 Alien Force T-shirt
Ben 10 Disc Alien Ultimatrix
Generic Ben 10 T-shirt
Ben 10 Phone Charm
Cartoon Network Backpack
Flashdrive Bloo
Plush Set EEE Bobblehead

To enter the draw, comment below and you’ll be entered. Simple! Good luck peeps. Winners will be announced on Friday.

Sometimes I think my child is on loan

Dear Max

So here’s something weird – sometimes I feel like your mom (even though you look nothing like me) and it feels natural and all those instincts that everyone talks about are strong.

Yet other times, I wonder WTF I’m doing – how do I know how to teach you lessons, how do I know how to mother, and how do I know to set boundaries, to discipline, to nurture in your best interests? These are the times I feel like I’m your babysitter or au pair, like any minute your “real” mom is going to come and take over, someone who knows *exactly* what they’re doing.

Please know that this has nothing to do with not connecting to you, or loving you enough, or not thinking you are awesome enough – it’s quite the opposite. It’s so good and you’re so phenomenal that sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s no dream – that I really do have the privilege of being your mom.

I love you dude,

End-of-week observations…

Dear Max

So my take from this week:
– One can live without Woolies choc chip yoghurt. Not easy, but not impossible
– Grey’s Anatomy season eight is so much better than seven. The moral – sometimes when you give things another chance, it’s all worth it
– Haagen Dazs coconut and truffle flavour is pretty damn good – I was at the launch this week and it’s delish
– There are some awesome people out there with big hearts: thank you to those who have pledged for my #FocusMyFunds run
– It’s sometimes hard digging up the past
– There are worse things than lose a game of cards: I much prefer the company and laughs had during playing


Dum, dum, dum… the winner of the It’s Mine Labels is…

Thanks to, the winners of the It’s Mine school labels is Gina Jacobson. Well done, and thanks to everyone for entering. I have a fab Ben Ten giveaway next week… as they say, watch this space!

Guilt-free chocolate. Almost…

Dear Max

Awesome that Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate is now a Fairtrade product, which means the cocoa used in its production has been ethically and sustainably sourced. Guilt-free chocolate? In a sense…

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk sells a whopping 40 000 slabs a day, so it’s great that they ensuring an ethical way of producing the stuff.

Here you are, enjoying your Dairy Milk…



Semi-Wordless Wednesday – how are these amazing pics!?!

Dear Max

This Wednesday is a little wordy, in fact. A few weeks ago we had a shoot with Celeste of Cilla Bloom Photography at Delta Park. I was looking for pics for my banner and new-theme blog (at the end of the month), and you were not only adorable in the pics, but very comfortable and chilled. Celeste was warm and funny (in the humorous not strange sense), and not only did we bond over our life stories, but you adored her. The results, as they say, are picture perfect.

I’ve only included a few here as I’m saving the rest for future blog posts.

Check out Celeste’s photography blog at Her rates are brilliant, and my friends Nicki and Tiffany have had beautiful pics taken by her too.

Yours in snap happiness,