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If only articles came in these sizes…

Dear Max

Sometimes when I’m going through a challenging time with you, mainly to do with getting ready in the morning, or juggling things, I think in my head: “If only I could write an article like this in Living & Loving…”.

And by all means, I *could* write an article, but the truth is, some topics are only good in my head, and can offer very little in the way of practical advice and tips.

But I thought I’d share some topics that make good headlines, but very little else in the way of real, solid stuff. You’ll see where I’m going with them.

– How to gHD your hair with one hand, while holding your baby on your lap with the other hand.
– How to quietly slink into the shower without being noticed by your baby who will probably want to join you.
– How to apply mascara and eyeliner with one hand while holding your baby on your lap with the other hand.
– How to creep out to work without your baby seeing you.
– How to not feel like crap when you leave for work and your baby is sobbing.
– How to not think of your freshly painted nails when your baby needs your attention
– How to act suave when your baby is throwing a tantrum in public.
– How to ignore the baby milk mark/cereal stain on your black clothing towards the end of your work day.
– How to type a blog/Tweet/Facebook status/BBM or check your iPad while juggling curious baby fingers that also want to type/see/press.
– How to read an entire newspaper in one minute, before your baby takes it and tears it apart.

Max, you’re climbing on the couch as I type this so I know where this is heading (already you’ve pulled out the “enter” key on one of my laptops). So I’m off…

Love you so much,