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20 things I’m unlikely to hear in my lifetime

Dear Max

The other night at Wolves with my three running Twitter gal pals, @BronyW, @TheBadJogger and @ZaraBromfield, I made a joke that the words I’m least likely to hear in my lifetime are: “You’re too thin. You need to put on weight”. So for shits and giggles, I thought I’d share some more.

– “You’re such a fast runner”
– “You should spend more time on Twitter”
– “You should spend more time on Pinterest”
– “You should get a Blackberry” (said by an iPhone user)

– Thank you for the foot massage” (I have a strong dislike of feet)
– “Would you like some more guacamole?” (I have a strong dislike of avocado)
– “You should buy some more Essie nail polish”
– “You should add to your Hello Kitty collection”

– “What? You feel no guilt as a mother?”
– “As you wish. We won’t upgrade you to business or first class”
– “You have a fabulous singing voice”
– “You’re a great dancer”
– “When would you like to book your next bunjee jump?”
– “When would you like to book your next skydive?”
– “You’re so adventurous. You should enter Survivor”
– “What? You hate magazines?”
– “When did you stop eating carbs?”

– “When did you switch from iPhone to Blackberry”
– “Why do you hate your iPad?”
– “What did you think about that episode of Carte Blanche?”

Love you.

Of Nappy Dashes and beach naps

Dear Max

We are home from our weekend in Cape Town and you had a great time of treats, naps, new places and faces.

Our Twitter moms get-together was fab – a blind date of sorts at Nitida wine farm that was without awkwardness, silent spaces or disappointment, and I finally met the posse of Amanda, Tania, Heather, Sally, Janine and Candice, and reunited with that that slag fab woman Tertia

Then it was a mad dash -literally – to UCT for the 56m Nappy Dash. I wish I could say that you loved it, wanted to get out my arms and onto the field for a beautiful totter alongside other happy toddlers and babies, but then I would be lying (plus my Twitter feeds said otherwise). You were clingy, miserable, only wanted to be with Dad, and once you were reluctantly out his arms, you pretty much wailed until the finish line. I have often cried on finish lines for very different reasons, and I do hope that if you want to one day, by choice (and not your mother’s insistence), you can get to cross finish lines with tears of joy, or bigger smiles on your face.

Pre-race carboload

On your marks... (number at the back because you ripped it off your front)

Set and gone...

After action, satisfaction (and refuelling with Flings - your race number back in the front for official-photo purposes)

The next day was our Two Oceans race, and at 4.30am we bundled you up to take you to Justine who would babysit you for the day. Thank Gd for good friends… You cried when we left, and I feared you wouldn’t settle, but I got a Whatsapp a few minutes later to say that you were settled and almost asleep. Thanks Max – this has probably ensured us further babysitting from Justine and fam in future. Nice! When I finished the race, in what felt like 24 hours later, I got messages from Justine and Peter along with pictures, assuring me you were fine. In fact, so fine that you pretty much woke up to a strange place and people contently, you didn’t whine or cry the whole day, you ate a lot, frolicked on the beach, loved playing with Jess and MIa, and had fallen asleep on the beach for a few hours.

Beach play (they even got a hat on you - I can never get one on you!)

Beach babe... (excuse the poor quality of pics - they were taken from a Blackberry. *snigger*)

Once again, it was a pleasure to be with you on a trip, seeing old places through your fresh eyes, and being able to giggle with and learn from you. Looking forward to many more…


Sunset from Camps Bay