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Just like Oprah, here’s what I know for sure

Dear Max

So after a little trip to Cape Town, here’s what I really really know for sure, though I really really did know this things before:

– I miss you when I’m not with you
– Sometimes there’s no guessing from whence a toddler tantrum sprouts, nor how to treat it
– Newport Deli is my best
– You love cars
– You can say the word “car” 21 times in two minutes (we counted last night while driving)
– Cape Town has the best Instagram opportunities
– There is such a thing as a well-brought up, mature and non-spoilt teenager with his head screwed on the right way. In fact, I know two – your uncle Josh (now 15) and his friend Nhlanhla (16). This gives me much hope
– Whales are spectacular
– I love running
– It’s futile looking back
– For every awesome person, there are about five bitter and jealous and scared people
– Capetonians look like they’re on holiday ALL the time
– My friends IRL and on Twitter have big hearts – thanks to all those who have bought bears for Reach for a Dream. See http://www.reachforadream.org.za for details
– The Slow Lounge rocks
– There is no fricking place like home
– I want a dog, preferably a standard poodle. Despite the fact that they look like toy dogs, they’re in fact the second most intelligent pooch out there. I had two growing up – best. dogs. ever
– That I love you more than my heart has place for


Wordless Wednesday – some Cape Town snaps

Dear Max

Here are some quick snaps from some of our time in Cape Town together…

Round and round on the big wheel at the Waterfront

Indulging in your new fave food, apples, while whale watching in Hermanus

Your brave aunty Rejanne who got into the small crevice to pose with the "Nemos" at the aquarium

Out for the count after a busy day on holiday (though isn't every day a holiday for you?)

From Cape Town, with love

Dear Max

At the moment I’m in Cape Town for a work trip, and despite the fact that I went to Newport Deli (my fave place), have met great clients, and am overlooking the most gorgeous city view, I miss you a lot.

Your dad sent me a picture tonight of you sitting on Rex while he was chewing on his bone (the bone is bigger than you, but will probably still last Rex only five more days of gnawing at), and you looked happy and chilled, as you most usually are at night.

When I’m away, as much as I appreciate the fact that I can use my iPhone without your little fingers reaching for music and Talking Tom, or putting on makeup without you grabbing my brushes and lipstick, a piece of my heart is far from me.

I like that we’re “okay” apart – you’re still chilled, go about your business of chasing the cats and emptying the spice bottles, and don’t really notice I’m gone at this stage. And I like the fact that we’re secure enough when I leave – I trust your caretakers implicitly, I try to trust in life when I’m gone, and you are as safe without me as you are with. I dig that about us.

I will bring back presents and a heart full of joy to see you. And I have the most kick-ass Mr Men toileteries (plasters, wipes, first-aid kit, books etc) that one of our clients gave me. Can’t wait to share Mr Sneezy and Mr Tickle with you when I’m back.

With love, from Cape Town.