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End-of-week observations…

Dear Max

So my take from this week:
– One can live without Woolies choc chip yoghurt. Not easy, but not impossible
– Grey’s Anatomy season eight is so much better than seven. The moral – sometimes when you give things another chance, it’s all worth it
– Haagen Dazs coconut and truffle flavour is pretty damn good – I was at the launch this week and it’s delish
– There are some awesome people out there with big hearts: thank you to those who have pledged for my #FocusMyFunds run
– It’s sometimes hard digging up the past
– There are worse things than lose a game of cards: I much prefer the company and laughs had during playing



End-of-week observations

Dear Max

Some observations from the week:

– Adopting a dog from the SPCA or any welfare organisation is a good thing to do
– The new section of Sandton City is amazeballs
– When someone is feeling guilty, or they know they’ve been shits, or they are very small, they can’t look you in the eye, and it’s hard for them to greet you
– Whisky Live is fun, and I now have a penchant for Glenmorangie
– We have a beautiful new dog (more to follow soon)
– I think I need a stern talk with myself, and Woolworths chocolate chip yoghurt. OMG. I think I have a problem stopping at just small carton. In fact, it’s pretty much futile just buying one
– It was pointed out to me that I have 20G of apps on my iPad

Til next week,

End-of-week observations…

Dear Max

So these are my thoughts from this week:

– Sometimes change is good (for example, I’ve just moved over to new running shoes – Reebok Zigtech, after being in another brand for years. So far, so great)
– That I love fetching you from school – there is little better than you galloping towards me with your arms wide open shouting “mama, mama, mama”
– That I’m not mad about dropping you at school. Lately you’ve been crying for dada and then me, and it makes my heart hurt
– That I have very talented friends and people willing to help me all the time. These include my friends Taryne Jakobi and Vanessa Lewis who worked on a brilliant cookbook that has just been launched called Savour, and Lexie Beswick, who literally jumps every time I need some design stuff
– That it’s not so smart to run a long race with minimal training
– That I really want a dog
– That it’s all or nothing with me when it comes to Woolies choc chip yoghurt
– That Saxon Hotel serves an awesome brunch, along with French champagne

And in the words of Miranda Priestley, that’s all!

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