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The one with the Otter Trail…

Dear Max

Yesterday we had our first Otter Trail meeting, ie to discuss the logistics of the upcoming hike in January. For years the Otter Trail had been on my bucketlist, ever since my dad and brother Kevin did it when I was about 9, and I remember their packed biltong, chocolates, hiking boots, backpacks and astonishing hike pictures. But truthfully, it was one of those things that was easier to dream than to initiate or do.

But when my friend Dave secured a booking and sent out an email to see who was keen to join him, I hesitated for a few hours before I sent an email back, saying I was interested. And while it might seem “easy” for me to do this hike considering I’m fit’ish and have run Comrades, it is way out of my comfort zone. It is so out of my comfort zone that I am deliberately setting out to do it to prove to myself once again that I can do difficult things, and literally overcome obstacles (in my case, it’s rocks, slippery slopes, water crossings and my own footing and co-ordination that are slightly less than firm).

Hiking terrifies me, as does not being in cellphone range, and not knowing quite what to expect. But what is more frightening is not doing potentially awesome things in life because I’m paralysed by fear or limited by my own stuff. And this is something I want to do.

So I’ll give up Twitter and Instagram, leave my Ghd at home, and pack the Smash. And I’ll be able to say that I did something personally and physically difficult. And I know that sometimes the most challenging things have the greatest rewards.

I hope you’ll *know* this too, and I hope that through your own experiences, you’ll see that sometimes fear is the greatest motivator in seeing and experiencing the light.

Yours in hiking boots (the cool ones) and otters,
xxx Mom


Use it: Mother’s Day Meme

Dear Max

It’s Mother’s Day today so I thought I’d create a special meme around being a mom (how perfectly self indulgent is this?), and hopefully get other blogger moms to do the same (PS: this meme can work any time, not only for Mother’s Day. Just saying).

So I’ve decided to kind of interview myself, which is a little odd, but hey, I’m putting all the hours I spent interviewing subjects for community-newspaper and magazine stories to use.

Here they are:

My most embarrassing moment as a mom was when… Max’s nappy fell off him in a restaurant. That, and going to work with milk spillage on my black shirt (I’m pretty sure this happened more than once).

The worst parenting advice I ever got was… get a lot of sleep while you’re pregnant. Really? Banking sleep while you’re pregnant does not make you feel more rested when you’re waking up in the early hours of the morning to feed or comfort.

The best parenting advice I ever got was… don’t heat up bottles (this has saved a lot of time and tears).

I wish they had have told me that being a mom… takes its toll on your self esteem.

My most frightening moment as a mom was when… we had a smash and grab incident while I was pregnant.

My best mom blog is… http://www.kellehampton.com

The most awkward question I get asked as a mom is… do I get all Max’s nappies and clothes because I’m the editor of a parenting mag. Sadly, not.

If I had to do anything over as a mom, it would be… to appreciate the first six weeks more. I wanted the challenges to pass, but I think I missed out on a lot in the process.

If I could advise new moms to do anything, it would be to… go with your gut (it’s said so often, but we often lose sight of it), realise that tough patches usually pass, and that mothering is so hard, yet so awesome.

The “non-essential” items that became essential were… the nappy bin and the lactation specialist, Brenda.

The products that make me look as if I’ve had a decent night’s uninterrupted sleep are… Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, gHd, MAC makeup.

The things that have kept me sane as a mom are… running, reading, Facebook, Twitter, friends, going out, work. And blogging.

The one thing I’ll never do again as a mom is… use glycerine water to get rid of the milk residue on baby’s tongue. What was I thinking? The paed said this was unnecessary (I think he even laughed at why we would want to even get rid of milk residue?)

I’d like to be remembered as the mom who… saw the wood for the trees, who loved her child/ren unconditionally, who “worked” hard at mothering and teaching good lessons, and who learnt from her mistakes and didn’t repeat them. (and I’d love to think I’ll be thought of as a cool, fun mom).

Motherhood has changed me because I’m… more tired and still carrying “baby weight”. But seriously, I’m more relaxed, more open minded and seeing more of the brilliance in things, just as a child does.

I am privileged to be celebrating today as a mom. Just as I do every day.

xxx Mom

One of my fave pics as a mom....