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I have a lovely blog?

Dear Max

My NBF Nicki gave me a blog award. *bows down to Nicki and thanks her profusely* The conditions of receiving this award are:

Thank the person who gave you the award (done!)
Reveal 7 random facts about yourself (see below)
Choose 5 other people who you believe deserve the award and pass it on (I’m taking a fifth on this one. Sorry peeps, I can’t pass it on. I don’t want to appear biased, especially since something might or might not be happening with bloggers in Living and Loving I am still accepting the award *bows down and apologises*

So seven random facts about me:
– I used to smoke, like a box of cigarettes a day. Until around 12 years.
– I am a registered spinning instructor, but I don’t think I know how to ride a bike. Last attempt many years ago didn’t go so well.
– Things I love: gum sweets, Glee, running, Hello Kitty, running, Instagram, Twitter, Dr Seuss books, The New Yorker, iPad, iPhone.
– When I was three I had my hernia removed.
– Other careers I considered were teaching and psychology.
– I love reading poetry.
– If there was one talent I wish I had, it would be dancing. Like on So You Think You Can Dance (the US version).

That’s it. Thanks Nik, and sorry again for bailing on nominating bloggers.


The one with the Otter Trail…

Dear Max

Yesterday we had our first Otter Trail meeting, ie to discuss the logistics of the upcoming hike in January. For years the Otter Trail had been on my bucketlist, ever since my dad and brother Kevin did it when I was about 9, and I remember their packed biltong, chocolates, hiking boots, backpacks and astonishing hike pictures. But truthfully, it was one of those things that was easier to dream than to initiate or do.

But when my friend Dave secured a booking and sent out an email to see who was keen to join him, I hesitated for a few hours before I sent an email back, saying I was interested. And while it might seem “easy” for me to do this hike considering I’m fit’ish and have run Comrades, it is way out of my comfort zone. It is so out of my comfort zone that I am deliberately setting out to do it to prove to myself once again that I can do difficult things, and literally overcome obstacles (in my case, it’s rocks, slippery slopes, water crossings and my own footing and co-ordination that are slightly less than firm).

Hiking terrifies me, as does not being in cellphone range, and not knowing quite what to expect. But what is more frightening is not doing potentially awesome things in life because I’m paralysed by fear or limited by my own stuff. And this is something I want to do.

So I’ll give up Twitter and Instagram, leave my Ghd at home, and pack the Smash. And I’ll be able to say that I did something personally and physically difficult. And I know that sometimes the most challenging things have the greatest rewards.

I hope you’ll *know* this too, and I hope that through your own experiences, you’ll see that sometimes fear is the greatest motivator in seeing and experiencing the light.

Yours in hiking boots (the cool ones) and otters,
xxx Mom

A bite of the forbidden fruit

Dear Max

I have officially crossed over. I have tasted the fruit (from November) and iLikey. A lot. Which is why I decided to extend the Apple family to include an iPhone. It was hard. I felt like I was exchanging a well-behaved child (Blackberry) for an even better-behaved child (iPhone), which made me feel guilty. But things pass, and this shiny new thing has not only quelled the guilt, but made my life happier.

What this now means for you is a shiny new thing to look at, but also a less-than-chilled mom when this does happen. With the Blackberry Curve being so common, it didn’t really faze me when you played with buttons, phoned overseas or dropped it around and posted it out the window. But now I’ve become a little protective, so much so that the only app I’ve downloaded for you is Talking Tom. But this could be more for me and as a show-off to those not acquainted with this app. What I’m saying is, hands off. Yesterday you got sneaky and phoned a colleague from my shiny new thing, and two days ago you switched on music and walked around with the phone dancing. Which was extremely cute. So much so that I didn’t have the heart to take it away from you.

One of the main reasons I got the iPhone was for Instagram, a brilliant photo-sharing app that comes with beautiful filters. I’ve been posting fab pics of you on Instagram, including one of you awake at 11.15pm reading a book. Here’s a look…

So Max, enjoy the toy cellphones and whatever else you can find. This fruit is forbidden for now…

Love Mom