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Look what Mom has done with her new gadget…

Dear Max

So while I love my iPhone a lot and while loads of pics on this blog were taken on my iPhone, the good peeps at Kodak decided to give me a Kodak Z990 camera to take more cool pics (for when the awesome Vanessa or Celeste aren’t around).

I’ve been having fun, learning a bit, and while I’m not the next Annie Leibowitz or Herb Ritts, I’ve taken some great pics of you, and it really is a way of growing my library of pics of us, and life. But seriously Max, you aren’t at the age of keeping still and posing, I’m battling a bit to catch you on camera a lot of the time (it’s not the camera, really, it’s just that you are always on the move and groove).

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to ala Kodak… taken at Serendipity.

Love that hair

Love you,


20 things I’m unlikely to hear in my lifetime

Dear Max

The other night at Wolves with my three running Twitter gal pals, @BronyW, @TheBadJogger and @ZaraBromfield, I made a joke that the words I’m least likely to hear in my lifetime are: “You’re too thin. You need to put on weight”. So for shits and giggles, I thought I’d share some more.

– “You’re such a fast runner”
– “You should spend more time on Twitter”
– “You should spend more time on Pinterest”
– “You should get a Blackberry” (said by an iPhone user)

– Thank you for the foot massage” (I have a strong dislike of feet)
– “Would you like some more guacamole?” (I have a strong dislike of avocado)
– “You should buy some more Essie nail polish”
– “You should add to your Hello Kitty collection”

– “What? You feel no guilt as a mother?”
– “As you wish. We won’t upgrade you to business or first class”
– “You have a fabulous singing voice”
– “You’re a great dancer”
– “When would you like to book your next bunjee jump?”
– “When would you like to book your next skydive?”
– “You’re so adventurous. You should enter Survivor”
– “What? You hate magazines?”
– “When did you stop eating carbs?”

– “When did you switch from iPhone to Blackberry”
– “Why do you hate your iPad?”
– “What did you think about that episode of Carte Blanche?”

Love you.

I’ve been pin pricked…

Dear Max

I’m an unashamed fan of doing stuff on my phone, least of which is talking on it, most of the time.

My latest must-do/must-have is Pinterest, an app where you basically post gorgeous pics, and you have the option to pin them on your own boards, and like them. There is so much inspiration, prettiness, gorgeousness and things to drool over, from cakes, to pics of Ryan Gosling, to bedrooms to cool shoes.

Most of what I love though is the words and thoughts – I’m sharing a few gems I found here…

This doesn't really fit here, but who can resist Hello Kitty waffles?

Pinterest – You. Complete. Me.


PS: I’d like to pin down your vote as I’ve been nominated in the Kids World Mommy Blogger Competition. Go here to vote… Thanks in advance!

Where you’re at now…

Dear Max

I so understand what people mean when they say that kids just get better, cuter and more “rewarding” as they develop. Not that I didn’t think you were perfect and rewarding and cute before, but jees, you’re upping your game each week.

So here’s what you’ve been up to, and how you’re developing. It’s amazing how your small acts and milestones leave large imprints on happiness and pride in my life:

– You love drawing with any writing instrument you come across (before Rex takes said writing instrument and chews it – I’ve lost a couple of Hello Kitty pens in the process)
– You shout “aaaaaarghout” to the dog when he bugs you or tries to eat whatever’s in your hand
– You love pointing at people in pictures and objects when I ask you where they are
– * When you take something from someone (eg food or a toy), you clap out of gratitude before you take it
– You blow on food to cool it down
– You had your first fringe haircut yesterday – you loved it! Much to my horror, you took the scissors afterwards and tried to emulate me (I assume) cutting your hair. Good news is that you didn’t succeed – your long shiny curls are here to stay for now.
– You know how to work Tom the Talking Cat on my iPhone and iPad all by yourself.
– You’re feeding yourself really ably with a spoon.

Love you long time…

* This is something I’m so proud of – that you already know the concept of gratitude. It makes me happy that your two other “moms”, Mavis and Vee, have instilled their practice in you.

A bite of the forbidden fruit

Dear Max

I have officially crossed over. I have tasted the fruit (from November) and iLikey. A lot. Which is why I decided to extend the Apple family to include an iPhone. It was hard. I felt like I was exchanging a well-behaved child (Blackberry) for an even better-behaved child (iPhone), which made me feel guilty. But things pass, and this shiny new thing has not only quelled the guilt, but made my life happier.

What this now means for you is a shiny new thing to look at, but also a less-than-chilled mom when this does happen. With the Blackberry Curve being so common, it didn’t really faze me when you played with buttons, phoned overseas or dropped it around and posted it out the window. But now I’ve become a little protective, so much so that the only app I’ve downloaded for you is Talking Tom. But this could be more for me and as a show-off to those not acquainted with this app. What I’m saying is, hands off. Yesterday you got sneaky and phoned a colleague from my shiny new thing, and two days ago you switched on music and walked around with the phone dancing. Which was extremely cute. So much so that I didn’t have the heart to take it away from you.

One of the main reasons I got the iPhone was for Instagram, a brilliant photo-sharing app that comes with beautiful filters. I’ve been posting fab pics of you on Instagram, including one of you awake at 11.15pm reading a book. Here’s a look…

So Max, enjoy the toy cellphones and whatever else you can find. This fruit is forbidden for now…

Love Mom