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My friends in the computer

Dear Max

Below is from my latest editor’s letter from Living & Loving, which I *need* to share here too. I know it may sound odd that I have found friendship online, among people, many of whom I’ve never met, but these peeps often “get” me and kind of know us more than many of our real-life peeps. Odd. But true. And wonderful.

“I’m privileged to have lots of mommy friends in real life, and those on Twitter, Facebook and blogs who not only make me feel normal, but who are there to support me with every new tooth, guilt-ridden moment and 2am wakeup. Many of my best “friends” in the computer I’ve never met, but I feel we know each other really well, from our kids’ names and food preferences, to our hobbies and most best TV shows. We share our kids’ pictures and ogle over them, commiserate when one of our children has a fever, and celebrate each other’s milestones as if they were our own. We swap advice, dream about Saturday afternoon naps, and give a heads-up on the latest clothing sales.

The moms who I connect with are similar to me, I guess, in the fact that we’re all sometimes stumbling along, doing our best, never claiming we’re perfect and not shy to admit when we’ve given our kids cereal for supper, or gone a week without washing their hair. But what’s best is that we don’t judge each other for any of it, and that’s what makes it a unique and comforting connection, even if it is a cyber one, or via a Smartphone.
It would be so easy to judge another mom for co-sleeping with her children when it’s not your viewpoint, or be critical towards a mother for “only” breastfeeding for a month while you did so for a year, or get angry when kids get the naughty step when you’d never do that. Motherhood is tough, but it’s made easier with each other’s support, nurturing and, when called for, a sense of humour.

To the moms I know face-to- face, and to those in the computer, thank you for the connections and compassion. I hope I can offer the same.”


If only articles came in these sizes…

Dear Max

Sometimes when I’m going through a challenging time with you, mainly to do with getting ready in the morning, or juggling things, I think in my head: “If only I could write an article like this in Living & Loving…”.

And by all means, I *could* write an article, but the truth is, some topics are only good in my head, and can offer very little in the way of practical advice and tips.

But I thought I’d share some topics that make good headlines, but very little else in the way of real, solid stuff. You’ll see where I’m going with them.

– How to gHD your hair with one hand, while holding your baby on your lap with the other hand.
– How to quietly slink into the shower without being noticed by your baby who will probably want to join you.
– How to apply mascara and eyeliner with one hand while holding your baby on your lap with the other hand.
– How to creep out to work without your baby seeing you.
– How to not feel like crap when you leave for work and your baby is sobbing.
– How to not think of your freshly painted nails when your baby needs your attention
– How to act suave when your baby is throwing a tantrum in public.
– How to ignore the baby milk mark/cereal stain on your black clothing towards the end of your work day.
– How to type a blog/Tweet/Facebook status/BBM or check your iPad while juggling curious baby fingers that also want to type/see/press.
– How to read an entire newspaper in one minute, before your baby takes it and tears it apart.

Max, you’re climbing on the couch as I type this so I know where this is heading (already you’ve pulled out the “enter” key on one of my laptops). So I’m off…

Love you so much,