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Mars and Venus

Dear Max

I know you’re *only* 14 months old, and have your own looks, personality and quirks, but I certainly can see some of me and Dad in you. And I know all parents look for themselves in their kids, but seriously, I have made some discoveries. These are my findings of our similarities so far:

Similarities with Me (Venus)
– Chunky thighs (on you they are adorable, on me, not so much)
– Feet and hands
– Eyes
– Love of books
– Love of fruit
– Love of Hello Kitty*
– Love of the exercise bike
– Love of Glee
– Love of my Blackberry
– Dislike of avocado
– Love of meeting new people
– Love of shopping
– Intelligence, humour and good heart*

Similarities with Dad (Mars)
– Love for scrutinising and examining toys and their parts
– Can only concentrate on one thing at a time*
– Finding the sounds of farts very funny
– Love of water and swimming
– Love of building things
– Love of crashing things down
– Love of the Rubik’s Cube
– Love of Flings chips
– Dislike of being fussed over
– Love of banging fingers on the keyboard
– Aversion towards putting away things
– Love of putting fingers around plugs, and into sockets
– Very chilled nature

*Star denotes Dad’s disagreement