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Much ado about poo

Dear Max

Sometimes conversations between me and Dad go something like this:
Me: I think Max has made a poo
Dad: I can’t smell anything. Have you checked?
Me: (while lifting the back of nappy to check contents) Yip, it looks like a big one.
Dad: Okay, I’ll go and change him.

A while later, with Dad looking chuffed with himself:
Dad: Shew, that was a big one – any longer and it would have seeped out the nappy.
Me: Was it runny?
Dad: Quite runny, but not as runny as yesterday’s poo.
Me: Do you think everything is okay with his diet?
Dad: Ja, I think so.
Me: I think what’s more worrying than the runny poo is if he didn’t poo. Or those “pellet” poos. Those are weird.
Dad: And hard to capture.
Me: I know – one rolled out his nappy a few weeks ago.

Max, while I used to poo-poo (excuse the pun) parents who spoke about their kids’ poops and nappies, I have become one of them. I never thought discussing your nappies would be as natural and “unfazing” as discussing the cricket score, but there you have it (in fact, sometimes discussing the cricket score leaves me more embarrassed than discussing your poop). And I guess that’s another Thing That Happens When You Become a Parent – topics of discussion that once made one squeamish or politically incorrect, become topics du jour.

But don’t worry, I don’t really discuss your nappies at dinner parties or with non-parent friends as we’ve learnt it doesn’t interest them (though I can’t fathom why not šŸ™‚ ). Parents on the other hand sometimes like comparing notes, proving how immune we’ve become to this topic. I mean, it’s one thing focusing on your own kid’s nappies, and another being vaguely interested in someone else’s.

Just goes to show how connected we all are… or else we’re full of shit.