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A bite of the forbidden fruit

Dear Max

I have officially crossed over. I have tasted the fruit (from November) and iLikey. A lot. Which is why I decided to extend the Apple family to include an iPhone. It was hard. I felt like I was exchanging a well-behaved child (Blackberry) for an even better-behaved child (iPhone), which made me feel guilty. But things pass, and this shiny new thing has not only quelled the guilt, but made my life happier.

What this now means for you is a shiny new thing to look at, but also a less-than-chilled mom when this does happen. With the Blackberry Curve being so common, it didn’t really faze me when you played with buttons, phoned overseas or dropped it around and posted it out the window. But now I’ve become a little protective, so much so that the only app I’ve downloaded for you is Talking Tom. But this could be more for me and as a show-off to those not acquainted with this app. What I’m saying is, hands off. Yesterday you got sneaky and phoned a colleague from my shiny new thing, and two days ago you switched on music and walked around with the phone dancing. Which was extremely cute. So much so that I didn’t have the heart to take it away from you.

One of the main reasons I got the iPhone was for Instagram, a brilliant photo-sharing app that comes with beautiful filters. I’ve been posting fab pics of you on Instagram, including one of you awake at 11.15pm reading a book. Here’s a look…

So Max, enjoy the toy cellphones and whatever else you can find. This fruit is forbidden for now…

Love Mom