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Some kind of wonderful

Dear Max

So many good things are on the go right now (not forgetting you, your growth, and some cool new words such as moon, stars, mine, hot, peeeeeeease, and your new favourite – the head shake).

Here they are, in no particular order:
– Our shelves are almost up. My study is totally shelved, along with your playroom, and the TV room is almost done. We had a panicked hour or so yesterday when I couldn’t fit one of the cables into the decoder because it was too short and I could sense that Shaun the Sheep and Lola needed to make a reappearance. Fortunately it was all sorted.
(addendum: I need to mention here that through Twitter, I found the most awesome shelf guy. Thank you @dan_vh I was almost in the poo a few weeks ago when the original shelf guy who we had used a few years ago, was not delivering on work or a refund. But thanks to Twitter and a good recommendation, my books will have a good home.

– Our garden is likely being done next week. Can’t wait – we’re going to have a herb garden, and we’ll find a great spot for your new sandpit.

– I’m going to see Coldplay on Saturday night. They are one of my fave bands. Say no more. Sorry dude, you’re too young to go. I promise to take you to a concert when you’re older.

– I’m having a one on one makeup lesson next week. Many awesome people have tried to teach me in the past, but I’ve never really tried to do it hands-on and without looking like a four-year-old who has smeared too much MAC on her eyes. It’s them, not me. But this time, I’m determined.

– South Africa vs Australia cricket coming up soon. Going to a 20/20 match at the Wanderers. Think I might faint with excitement. As with Coldplay, you’re a little too young to appreciate the game, but if you’re a cricket lover *holds thumbs*, I promise to take you one day.

– The announcement of the Boeke Awards winner is tomorrow. Oh please, let The Slap or When G-d Was a Rabbit win. I was one of the judges, and those were my faves.

– I am planning on wearing my new Cons a lot. In case you don’t know this about me, I love Converse shoes, and have just a few pairs *cough*. The latest are black hi-top sequins. I cannot wait for when we can wear matching Cons (I swear I won’t choose pink).

– Woolworths has just brought out choc chip vanilla yoghurt. Oh em gee. I ate an entire huge tub today for breakfast and lunch. I’m telling myself it’s full of calcium for women my age. It is the best thing Woolies has launched, since, well, everything in fact. I have also found Hello Kitty tins of chocolates, which will make great business-card holders.

Looking forward to more good times.

Thanks for being awesome and becoming more so by the day.

I love you,

I can’t stop lauding Twitter. Here’s another example…

Dear Max

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a column for Woman and Home magazine about my experience of Twitter. Me, write about Twitter? That’s like being offered a fat-free waffle with fat free ice cream and chocolate sauce – an absolute pleasure to indulge in!

Here’s what I wrote…


PS: The part about you waking up at 2am – true story. Thanks for the awesome material.

One cute jogger deserves another cute jogger

Dear Max

A few months ago I wrote a post, Why I Think Running Might Be in Your Blood about us and running, and your early start in life to the greatest sport/hobby (I’m quite biased here).

This Sunday, we’ll be running Pirates 10km together which is cool because not only is it a Tweetup with great peeps from Twitter, but because I get to take you out in our new toy, the Jeep Overland Limited Jogger. We’ve already been on some runs together and you heart it (plus I love the cup holders for my takeaway cappuccinos). I haven’t used it yet, but it also plays music, and I suspect there’ll be squeals of joy and dancing in the jogger when you hear it.

I’m looking forward to our run (even the uphills), and am kinda planning your outfit already. Looking forward to posting pics of the race next week.

Yours in running and joggers,


I have a lovely blog?

Dear Max

My NBF Nicki gave me a blog award. *bows down to Nicki and thanks her profusely* The conditions of receiving this award are:

Thank the person who gave you the award (done!)
Reveal 7 random facts about yourself (see below)
Choose 5 other people who you believe deserve the award and pass it on (I’m taking a fifth on this one. Sorry peeps, I can’t pass it on. I don’t want to appear biased, especially since something might or might not be happening with bloggers in Living and Loving I am still accepting the award *bows down and apologises*

So seven random facts about me:
– I used to smoke, like a box of cigarettes a day. Until around 12 years.
– I am a registered spinning instructor, but I don’t think I know how to ride a bike. Last attempt many years ago didn’t go so well.
– Things I love: gum sweets, Glee, running, Hello Kitty, running, Instagram, Twitter, Dr Seuss books, The New Yorker, iPad, iPhone.
– When I was three I had my hernia removed.
– Other careers I considered were teaching and psychology.
– I love reading poetry.
– If there was one talent I wish I had, it would be dancing. Like on So You Think You Can Dance (the US version).

That’s it. Thanks Nik, and sorry again for bailing on nominating bloggers.


The one with the Otter Trail…

Dear Max

Yesterday we had our first Otter Trail meeting, ie to discuss the logistics of the upcoming hike in January. For years the Otter Trail had been on my bucketlist, ever since my dad and brother Kevin did it when I was about 9, and I remember their packed biltong, chocolates, hiking boots, backpacks and astonishing hike pictures. But truthfully, it was one of those things that was easier to dream than to initiate or do.

But when my friend Dave secured a booking and sent out an email to see who was keen to join him, I hesitated for a few hours before I sent an email back, saying I was interested. And while it might seem “easy” for me to do this hike considering I’m fit’ish and have run Comrades, it is way out of my comfort zone. It is so out of my comfort zone that I am deliberately setting out to do it to prove to myself once again that I can do difficult things, and literally overcome obstacles (in my case, it’s rocks, slippery slopes, water crossings and my own footing and co-ordination that are slightly less than firm).

Hiking terrifies me, as does not being in cellphone range, and not knowing quite what to expect. But what is more frightening is not doing potentially awesome things in life because I’m paralysed by fear or limited by my own stuff. And this is something I want to do.

So I’ll give up Twitter and Instagram, leave my Ghd at home, and pack the Smash. And I’ll be able to say that I did something personally and physically difficult. And I know that sometimes the most challenging things have the greatest rewards.

I hope you’ll *know* this too, and I hope that through your own experiences, you’ll see that sometimes fear is the greatest motivator in seeing and experiencing the light.

Yours in hiking boots (the cool ones) and otters,
xxx Mom

The words that didn’t make the article…

Dear Max

So we cracked the May issue of Living & Loving I pulled rank to ensure we made it into the magazine – again, alongside some fab mommy bloggers (there are hundreds more, but I have a Big Idea with the mag and mommy bloggers – watch this URL!).

This article was also the perfect example of how art triumphs words in many instances in magazines. For example, the moms and I answered many more questions than were featured, but they were cruelly cut in order to make space for layout and pics (Art director: 1. Editor: 0).

So here they are – the bits that got slashed… lest the art director really wins here.

(And by the way Max, thank you for being so awesome and easy to write about, and for always being my blogging muse, in a sense.)

Have any of your blogs ever got you into trouble, or have you had a most controversial blog post?
None yet, as far as I know. I try and be really careful, and bear in mind that my family, boss, magazine readers and advertisers could be reading it.

Do you have advice for wannabe or current bloggers?
Keep it simple, pretty, honest and funny or touching.

What is the one blog you can’t live without (aside from your own)?

What do you think makes a good blog?
Visual appeal, ie great pics, and something different other than what you ate for breakfast. I also like humour and when bloggers can laugh at themselves…

Have you made real-life friends/connections through the blogosphere?
Yes I have, and ditto through Twitter. Some of the people who know me the best and who offer me the most support and camaraderie are either in the blogosphere, or Twitterverse.

What are your other hobbies?
Reading (books, not just blogs), running (I’m training for the Comrades Marathon) and baking. Does Twitter count as a hobby?

What did your last Facebook status say?
One marathon down. One (wo)man down.

What did your last Tweet say?
“Am about to chug two Besenol in preparation for the deep tissue sports massage later. A necessary evil”.

The last SMS you received said:
“Sorbet congratulates you on reaching your threshold. Your complimentary voucher is waiting for you at your Sorbet store. Thank you for your valued support.”

Yours in blogging xxx

Sleep deprivation and Twitter

Dear Max

Last night was one of “those nights”. You had a cough, were vomiting and overall miserable. You woke up in the middle of the night (after going to sleep at about 11pm – eek!) crying and clearly uncomfortable and in pain.

Usually, during those early-morning wake-ups, I might switch on my phone and Tweet about it – half wanting to share the frustration of being awake and seeing you in pain, and half wanting to chat to the other moms out there also awake. And it’s always been that no matter what time (12pm or 4am), I’ve found a compassionate mom or dad going through the same thing, and a gentle word, commisseration and good advice.

Last night however I was too shattered to even say the word phone let alone find some like-minded bleak parents struggling to placate their babies and toddlers in the middle of the night. But I wanted to share some of my feed from this morning, to show the love, so to speak.

I can’t say it enough, but I really do love many of these online connections, and the support therefrom. Many of them just “get it”, and for that I’m really happy. I even got a beauty editor giving me a tip for the best undereye concealer… it’s Bobbi Brown, by the way…

Hope you feel better soon,