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If we weren’t Jewish, this is what our Christmas greeting would look like…

Dear Max

When Vanessa of Nina Say Cheese invited us for a Christmas shoot, I didn’t think twice. I love quirkiness, and I love Vanessa’s pics, and I loved the idea of a Jewish kid in a Christmas shoot.

The result – an ethereal and magnificent pic that I think I might make into a Chrismukkah greeting.


If ever there was anything worth savouring, it is this

Dear Max

I admit I don’t cook much, unless you count heating up Woolies meals, or whipping up eggs and toast? I have a few dozen cookbooks and when I do cook or bake, I love it.

The latest addition to my shelves is Savour (available at Exclusive Books), and I’m ecstatic to count the photographer and stylist of the book as my friends. The brilliant Vanessa Lewis and Taryn Jakobi made this book into a work of art, and I cannot wait to start cooking and baking from it. It’s simply droolworthy, and even has a chapter on kiddie food.

Max, I look forward to many meals together from Savour… and yes, I realise this will mean more than placing an item in the microwave 🙂

Here are some ravishing images from the book. Another thanks to Vanessa for providing them…

Holy cow I’m hungry!!!!

Why I love kids’ parties – and it’s not just about the cake and icing

Dear Max

I often get excited about going to kiddie parties with you where I like the peeps who are going to be there. And yes, I admit that a lot of the thrill lies in the kiddie food table next to which I’m often found – is there anything better than gum sweets and vanilla cake with thick butter icing and artificial colour? In fact, almost every adult I speak to confesses to enjoying the kiddie food table better than the grownup food table.

But another reason I love parties is to watch you interact with other kids, and see how people react to you. I adore watching your party behaviour – how you take a few minutes to settle down, how you reach for the fruit before the sweets, how you wolf down cupcakes and leave a ring of coloured icing on your face, and how, when “threatened” by another kid for a toy or something in your hand, you simply run away with it. Fast. That’s my boy – a clever sprinter in the making. If you can’t beat em, run away from them with the toy.

On Saturday we went to Nina’s second birthday party. The theme was The Hungry Caterpillar, and we all had to wear green. Nina’s mom Vanessa, the awesome photographer who took a lot of pics for this blog, and who has the great http://www.ninasaycheese.com studio shoot business, decorated everything stylishly with green, caterpillar and pretty themes. There were even green apples with gum caterpillars sticking out of holes.

You were ultra cute and can I say how proud I was? You were independent, chilled, and said please and thank you for your ice cream, and also said please and thank you for your second helping too. You were that kid who made people smile – whether it was for your green post-cupcake face, your hugging of another child there, or your kisses, high fives and “sharps” (where you make a fist and touch someone else’s fist).

I am so proud to be your mom. You are the best party accessory ever – and more!


PS: Thanks to Vanessa for the fabulous pics! More about her cookbook coming up soon…

End-of-week observations…

Dear Max

So these are my thoughts from this week:

– Sometimes change is good (for example, I’ve just moved over to new running shoes – Reebok Zigtech, after being in another brand for years. So far, so great)
– That I love fetching you from school – there is little better than you galloping towards me with your arms wide open shouting “mama, mama, mama”
– That I’m not mad about dropping you at school. Lately you’ve been crying for dada and then me, and it makes my heart hurt
– That I have very talented friends and people willing to help me all the time. These include my friends Taryne Jakobi and Vanessa Lewis who worked on a brilliant cookbook that has just been launched called Savour, and Lexie Beswick, who literally jumps every time I need some design stuff
– That it’s not so smart to run a long race with minimal training
– That I really want a dog
– That it’s all or nothing with me when it comes to Woolies choc chip yoghurt
– That Saxon Hotel serves an awesome brunch, along with French champagne

And in the words of Miranda Priestley, that’s all!

Love-hate relationship...